L-59 is a single engine, all metal, low wing jet trainer with tandem-seating, designed as an advanced weapon system trainer with enhanced ground attack capability. L-59 combines design features and experience from the extremely successful L-39 aircraft family with new, more powerful engine, advanced avionics and improvements in the airframe and other aircraft systems.

Main Features

  • Excellent handling characteristics within flight envelope
  • Updated avionics with HUD and advanced weapon delivery and navigation system
  • Operation capability on semi-prepared airstrips
  • Excellent visibility from both cockpits
  • Zero-zero ejection seats
  • Complete training system, inc. TL-59 Flight Simulator, Ejection Seat Simulator and full set of ground training aids
  • Low operational cost
  • High reliability
  • Cost Effective training

Technical Data

Note: All performance data are valid for clean A/C T/O weight, 2 pilots. Power Plant.

  • Type: DV-2 Turbofan

Basic characteristics:

  • Maximum static thrust: 21,58 kN (4,850 lb)
  • Bypass ratio: 1,5
  • Specific fuel consumption: 60 kg / kN.hr

We Offer

  • Logistic Support
  • Spare Parts and Systems Supply
  • Technical Assistance at site,
  • Full Mission Simulators
  • Airframe & Engine and its components Repairs & Overhauls, Technology Supplies
  • Training of Pilots and Ground Personnel­
  • Upgrades


Wing span 9,542 m 31 ft 4 in
Length 12,203 m 40 ft
Weight empty 4,770 m 15 ft 8 in
Weights and Loadings:
Basic empty weight 4,030 kg 8,884 lb
Clean A/C ramp weight 5,390 kg 11,883 lb
Clean A/C take-off weight 5,300 kg 11,684 lb
Maximum ramp weight 7,000 kg 15,432 lb
Internal fuel capacity 1,200 kg 2,646 lb
Total fuel capacity 2,288 kg 5,044 lb
(Internal and 4350 I drop tanks)
Basic Performance Data:
Maximum level speed 870 km/hr 470 KTAS
Never-exceed speed (sea level) 920 km/hr 497 KTAS
Max rate of climb 25 m/s 4,921 ft/min
Service ceiling 12,200 m 40,000 ft
Maximum range
(internal fuel. 10% fuel reserve)
1,570 km 850 nm
Maximum endurance
(internal fuel. 10% fuel reserve)
2 hr 55 min
Take-off run (sea level) 590 m 1,935 ft
Landing run (sea level, 50% fuel) 640 m 2,100 ft
Stalling speed (landing flaps, 50% fuel) 172 km/hr 93 KTAS
Max Structural limit +8g; -4g
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