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  • Auxilliary power unit (APU) SAFIR 5KG/MI (SAPHIRE 5KG/MI) for Mi 17, Mi 8 helicopter for immediate delivery. (Four pieces in stock)
  • Auxilliary power unit (APU) SAFIR 5KG/MI (SAPHIRE 5KG/MI) for Mi 17, Mi 8 for dry lease. (Four pieces in stock)

The Mi-17 helicopter, essentially a cargo helicopter offering a maximum internal useful load of 4 metric tons, has been designed and developed by the M.L. Mil design bureau. It is structurally similar to the well proven Mi-8 helicopter with universally recognised reliability.

The helicopter is powered by TV3-117 turboshaft engines offering 1900 shp each at take-off. It is also fitted with a winch embodying a dynamometric safety system allowing a sling load of 3 metric tons. Further can be the Mi-17 used for passenger transport. The cabin is then heated and air conditioned offering capacity of 24 pax.

Besides, there exists also the air ambulance version where 12 stretchers together with the necessary medical equipment can be installed. Last but not least, just above the forward door, an electrical winch fitted on a boom allows either a man or small loads to be hoisted.

Technical Data Modern MI-17

Performance: Cabin Specifications:

Maximum takeoff weight 12,000 kg 29,765lb
Maximum internal load 4,000 kg 8,820 lb
VNE 250 km/h 135 knots
Cruise speed 230 km/h 124,2 knots
Range with 30-min fuel reserve 620 km 334,50 nm
Service ceiling 6,000 m 19,686 ft
Hover ceiling out of ground effect 3,980 m 13,058 ft
Length 5,34 m 17,52 ft
Width 2,34 m 7,67 ft
Height 1,8 m 5,9 ft
Volume 23 m3 812,25 ft3
Capacity up to 36 persons (acc. to the version

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