The Zlin Basic Trainer family offers powerful, reliable and well-built aircraft. These planes are easily and inexpensively maintained and meet the FAR 23 standards. The Zlin 143L and Zlin 242L aircraft are designed for the most demanding private, commercial and military requirements and will prove to be the most delightful and fun aircraft you have ever owned.

The Zlins are single engine, low wing, and cantilever monoplane of whole metal structure, with non-retractable, nose wheel, tricycle gear. Side-by-side seating offers all passengers good visibility from the canopy. The aeroplane is powered by a world premier Textron Lycoming piston engine (except the Z 142C, powered by the LOM M337 Ak engine).

The Z-242 / Z-143 /Z-142 aircraft are designated for basic and advanced training, aerobatic practice, training under the VFR and IFR conditions as well as for sport and tourist flying and air-towing.

Technical data

Aircraft Dimensions:
Wing span 9,34 m 30,64 ft
Length 6,94 m 22,77 ft
Height 2,95 m 9,68 ft
Wheel track 2,33 m 7,64 ft
Empty weight 730 kgs 1 609 lbs
MTW 1 090 kgs 2 400 lbs
Crew: 2 pilots 200 kgs 441 lbs
Cabin baggage 20 kgs 44 lbs
Max. take off 149 kW 200 HP 2700 RPM
Max. Continuous 149 kW 200 HP 2700 RPM
Cruising 75 % MC 112 kW 150 HP 2450 RPM
Cruising 60 % MC 97 kW 130 HP 2350 RPM
Fuel consumption:
Nominal values alt 0m ISA as provided by engine OEM
Max continuous PWR 61,0 ltr/hr 16,1 gal/hr
Cruising 75 % 46,5 ltr/hr 12,3 gal/hr
Cruising 60 % 36,0 ltr/hr 9,5 gal/hr

We offer

  • New and used aircraft of all versions for sale
  • Logistic Support, Spare Parts and Systems Supply (also available for older types)
  • Airframe & Engine Repairs & Overhauls, Technical Assistance (also available for older types)
  • Service life extension by bulletins
  • Flight Simulators
  • Crew training
  • Pilots & Ground personnel Training
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