Mi-24 (Export version Mi-35) attack/transport and gunship helicopter is conventionaly designed with a five blade main rotor and three blade tail rotor. Two turboshaft engines are mounted above fuselage midsection. The body of helicopter has short weapons carrying wings mounted at the body midsection. The tricycle landing gear has retractable nose-wheel. Depending on version, helicopter can carry machine guns, antitank misiles, rockets and grenade launchers.

The two crew (pilot and weapons operator) are seated in tandem armoured cockpits. The main cabin can accommodate eight persons or four stretchers. More than 2,500 have been produced and Mi-24 is in service in 34 countries.

Technical Data

Rotor diameter Main 17,3 m
Tail 3,9 m
Wing Span 6,5 m
Length 17,5 m (fuselage)
Height 6,5 m
Weight Maximum 11 500 kg
Takeoff 11 100 kg
Empty 8 500 kg
Maximum Speed 335 km/h
Cruising Speed 295 km/h
Range Normal Load 450 km
With Aux.Fuel 950 km
Service Ceiling 4 500 m
Vertical Climb Rate 15 m/s

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