L-39 ALBATROS is a proven and reliable aircraft designed for basic, advanced and operational pilot training as well as for light attack missions. This all-metal, tandem seat, turbofan aircraft provides cadet pilots with proper skills required for transition to supersonic aircraft.

Our activities are focused on overall support of existing L-39 operators as well as on new operators seeking a reliable, proven and low cost training aircraft.

Suitability of the L-39 aircraft for training tasks is daily demonstrated in military service with more than 30 Air Forces in Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa and America. The entire L-39 fleet, consisting of more than 2,800 aircraft delivered worldwide, has already accumulated over 4,000,000 flight hours.

The L-39ZA (ZO) version is equipped with the Gsh-23 gun pod. Nevertheless weapon system modification is adapted to customer’s demand.

Multi Mission Flexibility in a Single Airframe: Basic Training, Advanced Training, Operational Training, Border Patrol and Target Simulation.

Technical data

External Dimensions:
Wing span 9.46 m 31 ft
Length 12,12 m 39 ft 10 in
Weight empty 3.400 kg 15 ft 8 in
Weights and Loadings:
Basic empty weight 3,400-3,580 kg 7,496-7,892 lb
Max ramp weight 5,670 kg 12,50
Internal fuel capacity 1050 kg 2,314 lb
Total fuel capacity 1,542 kg 3,360 lb
(Internal fuel and 2×350 l drop tanks)
Max level speed 750 km/h 450 KTAS
Never-exceed speed (sea level) 910 km/h 491 KTAS
Max rate of climb (approx.) 21 m/s 4,130 ft/min
Service ceiling (approx.) 11,000 m 36,000 ft
Max range (with drop tanks) 1,350 km 730 nm
Max endurance (with drop tanks) 2 hr 45 min 2 hr 45 min
Take-off run (sea level) 540 m 1,770 ft
Landing run (sea level, 50% fuel) 550 m 1,800 ft
Stalling speed (landing flaps, 50% fuel) 158 km/hr 85 KTAS
Design load factor:
Max Structural limit +8g; -4g

Engine performance

  • Type: AI-25 TL twin-shaft turbofan engine
  • Bypass ratio: 1.98
  • Maximum static thrust: 16.87 kW
  • Specific fuel consumption: 56.9 kg/hr/kW
  • Air flow: 46.75 kg/s
  • Overall Pressure Ratio: 9.5

We offer

  • Logistic Support
  • Spare Parts and Systems Supply
  • Technical Assistance at site,
  • Full Mission Simulators
  • Airframe & Engine and its components Repairs & Overhauls, Technology Supplies
  • Training of Pilots and Ground Personnel
  • Upgrades

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