L-159 is a family of advanced light combat and training aircraft which mates long-term experience in the development of jet training and light combat aircraft with latest advances in avionics and engine technology. The L-159A is a single-seat light multirole combat aircraft optimized for a variety of air-to-ground, air-to-air and reconnaissance missions.

The aircraft is equipped with a state-of-the-art multimode radar for all weather; day and night operations, it can carry a wide range of stores including air-to-air and air-to-ground missiles and laser guided bombs. The L-159B is a two-seat version, primarily designed for advanced and operational training. The L-159B configuration can also be tailored to carry out light combat aircraft missions.

Main Features

  • Common airframe configuration with provisions for installation of optional nose mounted sensors
  • Modular design with selectable options and inherent growth
  • Selectable cockpit configuration
  • Advanced Human Machine Interface with Head-Up Display, Multi-Function Colour Displays and Hands-On-Throttle- And-Stick(HOTAS) control
  • Avionics integration based on MIL-STD-1553B databus
  • Accurate and autonomous navigation system with ring laser gyro based Inertial Navigation System (INS) and Global Positioning System (GPS)
  • Extensive in-flight recording and debriefing capability for video, audio, self-protection system, engine and aircraft parameters
  • On-condition maintenance and fatigue monitoring system for low operational cost and optimum use of aircraft service life
  • On-Board Oxygen Generating System (OBOGS), On-Board Inert Gas Generating System (OBIGGS) and Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) for self-contained operation with minimum support
  • Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) subsystems provide low cycle costs and long term supportability
  • Seven pylons for maximum stores capability
  • Ability to operate from semi-prepared airfields
  • “Best in its class“ F124-GA-100 engine
  • Optional Self Protection System and use of redundant systems for high level of survivability and flight safety
  • Multi-mode pulse doppler radar (version A)

Technical data

Wing span 9,54 m 31 ft 3 in
Length 12,72 m 41 ft 8 in
Height 4,87 m 16 ft
Weight empty 4.350 kg 9,590 lb
Max ramp weight 8.000 kg 17,637 lb
Max fuel weight L-159A L-159B
– internal 1.547 kg (3,410 lb) 1.320 kg (2,910 lb)
– external 1.620 kg (3,571 lb)
Max external stores 2.700 kg 5,952 lb
Weapon pylons 7
Max level speed at S/L 936 km/h 505 KTAS
Powerplant One 28 kN (6,300 lbst)
Honeywell / ITEC F 124-GA-100
Military Turbofan Engine
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